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A 90-Day program for high-achievers and visionaries ready to elevate their business and amplify their impact. 

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 √ You wake up with crystal-clear clarity on your business direction, knowing each step you take is purposeful and impactful.

√ You have a system to launch, market and sell with confidence, knowing every action is aligned with your core values and visions.

√ You are doing less and achieving more by working IN FLOW with your body and your business.

√ You find solutions and strategies that not only resolve challenges but also propel you toward greater success.

√ You are connecting with a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs, where support is abundant, and collaboration turns aspirations into realities.

√ You transform influence to impact and amplify your thought leadership.

√ You have, not just a business that thrives, but a life that resonates with joy, balance, and fulfillment, knowing you've aligned your entrepreneurial journey with your deepest passions and purposes.



Amanda, is your Visionary filter, and guide:

  • I am a DISRUPT-HER

  • I am laser focused on creating the most value for you

  • I wake up every day thinking about how to create a life where possibilities and blue sky visions become reality

  • I am not interested in average

  • I am here to challenge you and hold you accountable to your dreams

  • I am here to show you the possibilities you feel in your bones 

  • I am here to ignite a spark inside of you, so that you get LIT UP about your life🔥

    …"One day you’re going to wake up and there won’t be any time left to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, so…"


    Let's do some cool shit!




Growing and launching your dream business is a big deal! And this entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one. It takes time, dedication and a whole lot of passion to stay the course and see your vision through. If you don’t have strong foundations and systems in place, understand why you are doing it, and what motivates you, it’s going to be a long road ahead. I love the scenic route, but when it comes to business, I would rather you take the shortest, most optimized route.

For 20+ years I've worked with Entrepreneurs and CEOs in Finance, Corporate, Education and Online Businesses, learning, researching and implementing what works (and what doesn’t) to build, grow and launch successful businesses. 

As a cancer survivor and mama of three, I get that time is precious. I know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. And I know you dream of having a life outside of your business while still creating massive impact! It's not either or, it can be both!

I have the ability to see your big picture, develop an aligned plan and organize the nitty gritty necessary for your success. I truly care about helping you elevate and amplify your business so that you an make the impact you are looking to make in this world. Something around here, we call the butterfly effect! 

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90 Day program for high-achievers and visionaries ready to elevate their business and amplify their impact. Program includes:

1:1 Deep Dive & Roadmap Session

10 x 1-Hour Momentum Calls

1 Year Access to Monarch Momentum Community

Investment: $5555 CAD

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Laura Foster

"I have never felt more supported in my vision. Amanda is a wizard; part creative goddess and part detail diva. She rocks at strategy, holding space and keeping the wheels turning...literally, creative goddess + detail dive rolled into one. That's a very unique skill set! It's inspiring. " ~Founder, ROOTS & The Sisterhood, Soul Inspired Gurl


Jill Proud

"If you're looking for something that gives you tools, processes, is a full system that gives you everything you need to launch online, with the support of someone who actually cares as much or more than you about your results and your success, than everything Amanda is doing is an amazing investment! ~Founder, The Vital Visionary


Now you just need the right team to launch it to the world and turn your influence to impact!