The best support, the easiest access to resources, and the most effective community for women entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale their businesses.



Whether you're starting a new venture or scaling your current success, running a business, juggling roles, and managing the intricacies of entrepreneurship can feel overwhelming. 

You're not alone on this journey.

For those starting, you'll find clarity, inspiration, resources and support you need to flourish.

For those in flow with their business, join our community to network, share insights, scale and build legacy.

Join us ‚Äď a vibrant, fun-loving, and passionate community of heart-centered entrepreneurs - and light¬†up this world with the work you are doing in it!¬†


Elevate Your Business and Life to the Next Level!

What exactly do you get when you join MMM??

Everything you need to step into who you are meant to be and shine bright!
Check out the GOLD NUGGETS included in your membership:

Monarch Business Academy (MBA)

When you join MMM you gain access to Amanda's Signature Business & Launch Accelerator Program; MBA. This 8-module self-study course is packed with trainings and resources to help you break through limiting beliefs, build a strong foundation, reach your ideal clients, market, sell, price, and launch with impact. (Value $3333)

Monthly Workshops & Masterclasses

We love professional development! Every month we host expert led workshops and masterclasses to expand your learning and dive deeper on topics to help you grow and expand, and keep you up to speed on the latest industry trends and information.

Monthly Monarch Meet & Greet 

Join us every month for a live Meet & Greet with the Monarch Community. Tap into a heart centred community, connect with other entrepreneurs, collaborate with aligned businesses, and take your business to the next level! (Value Limitless)

Weekly Productivity & Accountability Work Sprints

Carve out time to work ON your business IN community. Get the accountability you need to gain momentum and make meaningful progress towards your goals. (Value $1333)

Private Community App

Community is everything! Connect with heart-centered women entrepreneurs, form strategic partnerships, and grow your business through collaboration and connection. Enjoy the private community app so you can access support at any time (Value $1111)

Leadership & Promotional Opportunities

Active members can utilize a variety of promotional opportunities in the community; run a workshop or  masterclass to highlight your expertise, create a profile on our Community Page, and promote your offers, products, events and services in our Promo Channel. (Value $1333)

Priority Invites & Discounts to Live Events

Active members receive a Member Code to use towards live events, special offers and the annual Monarch Retreat!

The Annual Monarch Retreat 

Join the Monarch community and gain exclusive VIP access to the Annual Monarch Retreat - a transformational experience with the perfect blend of business and woo, for your mind, body and business. 

Earn money, while you build, grow, connect and scale.

Earn passive monthly income on every membership you refer.
4 referrals = FREE Membership! 5+ referrals = monthly passive income.


In addition to business and launch support, you'll find trainings to help you: 

‚ąö Bust through limiting beliefs and money mindset roadblocks
‚ąö Clearly design your future, become absolutely magnetic and collapse time and space to attract what you truly desire
‚ąö Establish powerful daily practices that will attract your business goals with ease and speed
‚ąö Discover how to support your body in business following your Infradian Rhythm
‚ąö¬†Build your business around your life, not your life around your business.

Monarchs LOVE the community!

The impact of this community is huge! In the past year women in this community have started businesses, grown their businesses and hit their first 6 figures, scaled to 7 figures, became best selling authors, speakers, TV hosts, influencers and thought leaders.


"This is a beautiful community that supports women entrepreneurs in the most caring and empowering ways possible. I'm honoured to be part of it."

"The structure, the community, the infinite resources work so well for me. This community helped me step out and put myself out there, and I have a space where people support me."

"The membership and programs have been the MOST valuable business investment I've made."


Is Monarch Momentum Right For You?

‚ąö You're a heart-centred entrepreneur who knows the work you¬†do makes¬†a positive impact with the people you help
‚ąö¬†You are not here to play small - you are here to expand into your highest potential and light up the world with the work you are doing in it
‚ąö You desire community for connection, inspiration and¬†momentum
‚ąö You get excited about collaborating and connecting with heart centred souls so you don't have to do this¬†alone
Yup, that's me. I'm in!


A membership community for women in business who are here to create impact and legacy with the work they are doing in this world.


$111 CAD

PER MONTH FOR 12 MONTHS (all costs incl)


Your investment

$1333 CAD

PAY IN FULL (all costs incl)


Pay It Forward

$1333 CAD

Pay It Forward and Gift 1 YEAR ACCESS to a Woman in Business



When you join Monarch Momentum¬†receive an exclusive bonus‚ÄĒa personal 1:1 session with Amanda! This session is your gateway to clarity and direction, tailored specifically to identify and map out your next steps. Whether you're refining your vision, strategizing your approach, or seeking expert guidance to elevate your business, Amanda‚Äôs insights will empower you to move forward with confidence.¬†

HEY THERE, I'm Amanda 

Community builder, spark igniter, business strategist & launch expert.

I’m all about helping good people do good things in the world. My heart centred, soul driven mission is to light up with world with a community of Monarchs who are doing what they love and making a positive impact while doing it! 

I have an extensive background in launching¬†‚Äď from six-figure, complex launches to helping online business owners successfully launch their first course ‚Äď and¬†I know how important it is to build a strong foundation for your business.

I'm not interested in average! With my teaching background, years working in education, building a six-figure marketing agency, and successfully launching signature programs and offers, I make sure what you are building and launching out in this world is something you LOVE and of HIGH value to those you serve. 

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping business owners and entrepreneurs drive their business and get results. I specialize in holistic coaching, considering both your personal life and business goals. With a blend of big-picture vision, nitty-gritty details, and a rock-solid business foundation, I'm here to help you transform your business, propel you to the next level, and become the best version of yourself in the process.



Monarch Momentum Membership Benefits Include: 

‚ąö¬†Lifetime access to MBA: Monarch Business Academy¬†(Value $3333)

‚ąö¬†Monthly¬†Masterclasses & Trainings with Amanda and other business mentors¬†(Value $1111)

‚ąö¬†Weekly productivity & accountability work sprints¬†(Value $1333)

‚ąö¬†Private¬†App & Community for members¬†($1111)

‚ąö¬†Monthly¬†virtual networking so you can connect & collaborate with community members¬†(Value $111)


Members get 3 gold nugget bonuses: 

‚ąö¬†Exclusive Member-Only Discounts¬†on products, coaching services, and live¬†events

‚ąö¬†Premier Listing on Member Community Directory

‚ąö¬†Leadership & Training Opportunities

Total value of your 1-year membership over $8000. 


$1333 (access for 1 year) 

The Monarch Momentum Membership is designed for women entrepreneurs who are seeking a supportive community to enhance their business growth.

It's ideal for those who value professional development, accountability, and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other like-minded businesswomen.

The membership provides various avenues for personal and professional growth, including trainings, work sprints, and networking opportunities, making it well-suited for ambitious women looking to expand their influence, impact, and success in the business world.

YES! Amanda's signature program Monarch Business Academy (MBA) is now inside the membership as a DIY program. You can access all the trainings, resources and the comprehensive toolkit at any time! 

After you join, you will receive a welcome email with an invitation to set up your Kajabi portal to access all trainings and an invite to join the community site.

Inside you'll receive a Welcome Guide with all the information you need.

We love celebrating and we love community. We look forward to welcoming you! 

Inside Momentum we believe training, accountability and community support are the three ingredients to help you succeed.

That's why every month inside MMM you have access to professional development trainings, accountability work sprints and a community you can access any time you need it.

Masterclass Trainings happen once per month and are based on the availability of our guest speakers. As soon as dates and topics are confirmed we release them in MeetUps and on the Community Calendar. Trainings will be recorded so you can watch the replay at any time. 

Productivity & Accountability Momentum Work Sprints are available to you every week. We host 1-2 live work sprint calls each week, and as a community member, you can start and host a work sprint at any time for the members to join you! 

Monthly Meet & Greets with the community are the first Wednesday of every month and are a great way to connect, get to know the members, ask for what you need, and collaborate! 

Masterclasses will be recorded so you don't miss a thing! 

If you have questions you would like addressed on the live call, submit them 24 hours before in our Q&A Form and we will be sure to tackle them to keep you moving!

YES! Inside the community you will have access to Monarch rates for both Business & Mindset Coaching. At any time, you can book 1:1 sessions with us to go deeper and help you find clarity and get unstuck! 

The Annual Monarch Retreat is our most popular event of the year! It's a multi-day in person retreat where we gather together to connect, inspire, rest and recharge!

***The cost of the retreat is NOT included in your membership. 

Yes! You can deduct the cost of education for your trade or business on Schedule C. Because the membership includes trainings that 'maintains or improves skills you need in your trade or business' you can deduct the cost.

Triple check with your bookkeeper or accountant to make sure this can be a deduction for you, but in most cases for entrepreneurs, it will be.


Heck YES! 

As a Monarch Momentum Member, you can have a business profile on our Community Page. We will share all the details with what we need to build your online profile and what opportunities you will have to promote offers and services inside the community and beyond! 

We don't offer refunds. We want women who are ALL IN! 

If you are a Founding Member who is on the 'grandmothered' monthly payment plan and you do decide to leave the community before one year, the remaining balance of your yearly Momentum fee will be due upon cancellation. 

When you join the Monarch community you are committing to one year. If after the year, you no longer need community or support, you can let us know and we can help you cancel your membership. Just give us 15 days notice.  

If we didn't cover your questions here, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to get back to you within 24 hours to answer any questions you have! 

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. ~ Helen Keller


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