Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed?

You get to decide what is possible for you! 

After being let go from my ‘steady’ job less than 2 years ago, I built this business to get unstuck. The thought of returning to a corporate 9-5 after years of working remotely just about crushed my soul. And after three interviews of Managers telling me “You’re  overqualified for the role“, I decided what I was going to do.

I  took the over 20 years experience working for CEOs and entrepreneurs, my years of launch and marketing experience, the passion of who I am doing this all for, and decided to get myself unstuck, launch my own thing and be my own boss

This year…a pandemic year, I’ve grown my business in ways I previously only dreamed about, brought on new team members, and I am leading a heart centred business helping good people do good things in this world. 

What’s the secret?

I decided what was possible for me. I decided I’m worthy of a great life and a business that is led with HEART and PURPOSE. A business whose mission is to work with heart-centred entrepreneurs helping them make a bigger and better impact by getting their important work out in the world.  

I decided to show that kindness AND business do work together and when you show up to truly serve it can not only drive, but help your business thrive. 

This is why being an entrepreneur is amazing! You get to choose your focus,  take action and decide. You get to choose the path you lead with. To open yourself to possibility and create a life that has purpose and impact. That is led with kindness, compassion and heart. 

When you believe in your potential and decide what is possible for you, there will be no slowing you down! And you will move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to having clarity, focus, purpose and impact! 

If you need help with finding that clarity, click here and let’s hop on a call! Clarity and momentum are my superpowers and one of my fav things to do is get you unstuck. 


I'm Amanda.

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs and CEO’s organize and focus so they can transform their business, grow and launch it to the next level for higher impact, and be the best versions of themselves in the process.


Me too!

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