VIP Days are for you if: 

  • You feel stuck, frustrated and need CLARITY
  • You want access to business coaches with strategic eyes on your business
  • You want a custom ROADMAP and an aligned action plan with recommendations and next steps designed with YOU in mind
  • You are ready to make your vision a reality and need a clear step by step plan to get there
  • You are ready to start executing on your action plan and get S**** done



In the VIP Day, you can choose your own adventure between a one and two day journey to bring your business to the next level.


One Day Adventure:

1. We start the first day diving deep with a 1:1 Deep Dive & Roadmap session with Amanda. In this session we get clear on where you are now, and where you want to go. Working through a series of questions, Amanda helps you gain clarity and focus on your aligned direction.

2. While Amanda puts together your custom Roadmap, you will meet with Jenn for a Human Design for Business reading where you get confirmation and affirmation to lean into EXACTLY who you are designed to be! 

3. After lunch, on us, and afternoon FOCUS & integration work, you will meet with Amanda to go over your custom Roadmap, recommendations and next steps.


Two Day Adventure:

1. Day one of your two day adventure is the same as above.

2. On day two, you will work 1:1 with Jess between the hours of 10am-2pm, in a productivity-powered co-working environment to start executing and actioning on your Roadmap. Action Takers are Money Makers!    



Described by clients as the "peanut butter and jam, fred and ginger, converse and high socks, macaroni and cheese", Amanda and Jenn are Gemini sisters from different misters! Together this Generator and Manifestor have combined forces to help you reach your limitless potential by tapping into your aligned purpose and designing a custom roadmap and plan for building your dream business and living life by design.

Get the clarity you need from coaches who truly care about seeing you succeed!

Looking for next level support?

Choose the VIP Gold Package and receive 2 Gold Nugget Bonuses!  

Gold Nugget #1:

1:1 Pop-In Business Partner Session with Jess! 

Choosing your VIP Gold Package gives you access to an additional 8 hour day with a coworking session with Jess.

  • Work together between the hours of 10-2, in a productivity-powered environment.
  • Jess will assist you in actioning on your Custom Roadmap providing personal guidance, feedback, and accountability throughout the day.
  • If you need someone to show those office-themed memes, she's your desk mate for the day!

Gold Nugget #2:

One Night Stay at 11 Rooms

Complete your VIP experience with a night at the beautiful 11 Rooms! Collingwood's Collaboration Destination  — an elegant creative space that will ignite your senses and inspire your creativity. Your Gold Package includes 1 night accommodation and two co-working days.




  • 2 hour 1:1 Roadmap Session with Amanda
  • Custom Roadmap with recommendations and next steps
  • Does NOT include Human Design for Business reading
  • 30 minute follow-up meeting with Amanda



  • 1:1 Deep Dive & Roadmap Session with Amanda
  • 1:1 Human Design for Business Session with Jenn
  • 8 Hour curated day with lunch and special treats
  • A Custom Roadmap delivered at the end of day
  • Virtual Follow-up Session within 21 days



Two Day Retreat Experience

  • 1:1 Deep Dive & Roadmap Session with Amanda 
  • 1:1 Human Design for Business Session with Jenn 
  • 2 curated days including lunch on both days 
  • A Custom Roadmap delivered at end of day one 
  • 1:1 Co-working Session with Jess to action on your Roadmap 
  • 1 night accommodation at 11 Rooms in downtown Collingwood 

Words of love...


"I felt seen, heard and was everything."

The VIP day was perfect. I was feeling quite stuck and a little frustrated in my coaching business. Both Amanda and Jenn offered incredible information with a clear path for me to move forward with. To have someone to troubleshoot with was incredible. I felt heard and validated. The info that was provided was exactly what I needed to keep building my business. ~ @shirleewilliamscoaching



"I was nervous it would just be another 'one of those investments'...but that was so far from the case."

I was amazed by the things that Amanda was able to pull out of me. I was so nervous that this would just be another 'one of those" investments in my business that turned out to be a dud but that was so far from the case. I felt really cared for and almost like I was in a business therapy session. Felt like a very safe space. Amanda was so nurturing and encouraging and kept delicately pushing me to think deeper and dream bigger. I had an amazing lunch and a session with Jenn that just left me feeling extra confident. I drove home that night thinking I could take on the world. 10/10 would recommend this day! ~



I'm ready. Let's do this!